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About Us


 My name is Julia, and I have a big love for cross stitching.
I started using a hoop and needle when I was 5 years old. Since then, embroidery has always been on my mind and in my soul. Reflecting on the past 30 years that I have been cross stitching, I can say that this is probably one of the best ways to bring your imagination and creativity to life and to your beloved ones.
Like many of you, I am always looking for new designs and ideas by exploring catalogs of the most famous knitters. When looking at very popular designs, I frequently get the feeling that the patterns are all similar and the ideas stale. They remind me of the same old things that I have done time and time again, and they don’t inspire me. I want something new, something fresh, and something special. I believe that I am not alone in this way of thinking. Markets definitely need new ideas. I found these new ideas while I was living in Europe, and I met many wonderful and talented local designers. I was amazed at the style and beauty of their work and imaginations. They are extremely gifted and unbelievably talented.
They are working with modern artists who have their own definite style. These patterns receive national recognition from needlework communities all over Europe. They are permanent participants of many craft magazines and exhibitions. When I stitched some of their patterns, I was very impressed with the results and believe these patterns should definitely be presented to American cross stitch lovers.
That’s how the idea of running my own pattern store came up.  Now, I'm happy to introduce you our first designer

Kseniya Adonyeva

Kseniya has been designing cross stitch patterns since 2008.
Her designs are published in such famous and reputable European magazines as “CrossStitch”, “All about Needlework”, “The Embroider Pictures”, “Diana Creative”.
She also launched the internet portal “Vintage Embroider” and "I am stitching!" and leads a partnership of more than 20 designers from Ukraine and Russia. She gained her international recognition while taking an active role in promotion of her partnership at the Cross Stitch Gold exhibition – a regular event held in Moscow under license of Immediate Media Company Ltd, the UK brand.
She is also a happy mother of two children :) 

Alena Koshkina lives in Ukraine, where she has been practicing cross stitching for more than fifteen years. When she realized that she wanted to make her hobby become her profession, she began to take classes with Kseniya Adonyeva. Alena chooses bright and colorful pictures in her designs for the positive emotions they inspire.  She also loves designs with animals and pets.  Her lovely white cat Albina is her main inspiration and helper. Alena also works for cross stitch kit manufacturing center, “Abris Art”, in Ukraine.

Tatiana Draganova is a master with 15 years’ experience creating cross stitch patterns. She uses her own pictures as a base for designs, but also loves to work with modern artists. Tatiana worked as an editor for such magazines as “Stitching and Knitting” and “I Am Stitching”. Now she works with magazine “All About Embroidery” and publishing company «Mango pratique», France. She can’t imagine her life without painting and cross stitching. Her favorite art theme are tales, magic characters, cats and kids.