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How to Wash Your Cross Stitch

Posted by Julia Sikoro on

Cross stitch is an exciting hobby. There is an indescribable feeling of satisfaction when your work is done! And of course, you want to create one more, and create one more, until you realize, that you don’t know how to use the results of your creativity. The walls in your house have no empty space for your art. All your relatives and friends already have enough of your art! You need to find a new way to use your stitch. So, it is time to think about accent cushions!

Accent cushions are especially useful piece for interior décor. They help to create cozy and warm atmosphere in the house, making it feel special. They open a lot of new ways to renew your interior every season. You might create a special collection for summer, winter, and so much more, to surprise your guests and often even yourself!

But now you must face one problem. When your cross stitch is hanging on the wall, under the glass, it is safe. It’s just looked at - not touched. But accent cushions are far too vulnerable. They are surrounded by many dangers. If someone spills something on your perfect work, you cannot recover it another way but washing. 

There are some advices how to protect the result of your hard work when you wash it:

  • Be sure that the textile does not tend to shed. You can test it by washing before you use it for cross stitch. If it sheds, it will most likely paint over your picture when you wash the cushion.
  • Use soft detergent when washing your cushion.
  • Usually DMC threads do not shed but, it’s recommended to use special color traps for washing your works.
  • Wash cushions only by hand, and in warm water.
  • Iron your cross-stitch only from the seam side and put a soft white textile between your iron and picture.

It’s very easy to protect your accent cushions and to save bright colors of your cross stitch!

And there are some nice photos to inspire you for using accent cushions in your interior:

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