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Posted by Julia Sikoro on

To show you the kind of beauty you can create with cross Stitch, designer Kseniya Adonyeva came up with two masterpieces to set your creativity wheels in motion.
The patterns shown in the image below were the result of cross stitch. The creative designer combined four different techniques – cross stitch, half cross stitch, back stitch, and petite stitch – to produce the masterpieces. The designs were however winter-inspired to commensurate the winter season.
The first piece is themed around Russia winter and features a girl standing by a basket of red berry. The little girl wears a silk coat, red glove and nicely colored and patterned head scarf. The details about the girl, basket, berry and snowy background are just amazing and could only have been done by a veteran. Without looking closely, your mind might deceive you into believing the piece is a painting or a Photoshop artwork. To perfect the design, Kseniya used a white aida 14 fabric or evenweave, DMC color #44, and stitches of size 128 x 138.
The second piece likewise themed around Russian winter has a pattern of a baby wrapped in a silk cloth and a nicely patterned head scarf with a mixture of well blended colors. Unlike the initial piece, the baby has a basket full of green flowers placed at her front. Without any doubt, you will agree the snowy background is perfect with the view of green vegetation somewhere at the edge. This design was created with a white aida 14 fabric or evenweave, DMC color #44, and stitches of size 129 x 112.
In both patterns, the color tones of the patterns were well balanced making the overall piece perfect. After finishing the patterns, the two masterpieces were sent to some designers in Europe to test and use and quite unsurprisingly, they all reported back with positive feedback. However, the designs have an enlarged pattern part where petite stiches were used to create room for additional user convenience.
If you ask me to choose the best amongst the two, you will be disappointed. I don’t seem to know which one to choose. They are both magnificent and wonderfully crafted!
Nonetheless, the two patterns are currently on sale on my website and if you show interest in purchasing one or both, you are entitled to a discount of 20% off the price. They are both decent items to add to your collection this winter period.
Why don’t you stroll through the winter with one (or both) of Kseniya Adonyeva’s pattern?

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