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A Sailing Boat, a Persimmon and a Pumpkin – New Patterns are Available on Cross Stitch Club

Posted by Julia Sikoro on

If you are looking for some bright new patterns to work on, you have come to the right place. Our designer, Kseniya Adonyeva has been hard at work preparing some wonderful additions to our catalogue. Kseniya’s work, as always is a lovely testament to the beauty counted cross stitch can bring to a home.

A Sailing Boat

This beautiful pattern is based on a painting by the world renowned artist, Leonid Afremov. Afremov’s painting technique lends itself especially well to being translated to cross stitch because of it focuses on color rather than photographic quality shape. This beautiful sail boat pattern brings together some amazingly rich colors and creates a true piece of art.
Leonid Afremov’s paintings frequently become the subject of cross stitch patterns because of their bright colors, beautiful themes and rich stories. We have two other patterns available which Kseniya has designed from Afremov paintings, Amsterdam in Fall and Balloons. We are very pleased to be bringing A Sailing Boat to our site as well.
A Sailing Boat is 150x228 stitches, uses 53 colors and uses only the Cross Stitch. If you don’t like Back Stitch or Half Cross Stitch, this pattern is a wonderful project for you. To imagine your future project just look at the picture of FO made by a very experienced crafter and Kseniya's friend.

A Persimmon

The Persimmon is the national fruit of Japan and is sometimes known as the “food of the gods.” This simple, beautiful depiction of a persimmon would be a lovely addition to any cross stitch collection, it would look especially well in a kitchen or dining area. Kseniya has brought the bright and appetizing persimmon to life in this beautiful pattern.
A Persimmon is 89x141 stiches and uses 29 colors. It uses the Cross Stitch, Back Stitch and Half Cross Stitch techniques. This pattern would be a project for Evenweave but may also be done on Aida as well.
A Pumpkin

Pumpkins may be a fall staple, but just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about the beauty of autumn. With its rich fall hues and whimsical design, this pumpkin cross stitch pattern, again designed by Kseniya, would be a very nice piece to add to the home of any fall-loving crafter. As you can see by the finished product photo above, this pattern displays beautifully in a frame.
“A Pumpkin” measures 98x78 stitches and uses 43 colors. It uses Cross Stitch, Half Cross Stich and Back Stitch.
Enjoy your stitching!

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