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Be Ready For Easter!

Posted by Julia Sikoro on

It's now official - spring has sprung, and Easter is behind the window!  The time to roll out the guns of pastel colors from your yarn arsenal is now. The time to use them for fun, colorful Easter project has come.
In this post, I will show you two Easter cross stitch pattern patterns you can associate with spring – Easter eggs and chicken. They are easy to do of course!  They are simple enough and they do not require a lot of experience. I will reveal the techniques, stitch pattern sizes, and the DCM color number used. They are both fun Easter crafts for your holiday needs.
So let me start with the first pattern…

Hello, World! (Happy Easter)
Eggs and chicks patterns go hand-in-hand with Easter. Study the picture closely; you will see the creativity and originality introduced into the pattern by designer Kseniya Adonyeva. The eggs all have beautiful bright colors. The spring flowers remind me of the spring season and have a bright yellow color with dark highlights. The green grasses at the back complement all the colors in the whole design, but, the top of the ice-cream is the little yellow chick standing on top of the highly placed egg. You can easily deduce what it’s trying to pass across; however, different people will interpret its gesture differently but in the same context. You may say its proclaiming “Hey, Easter is here!” but I love interpreting it simply as “Hello, World! Happy Easter!”
The techniques used by Kseniya are Cross Stitch, Half Cross Stitch, Back Stitch, and French Knots. She also used DCM color #23 and a stitch pattern size of 102 x 66.
Girl with Chicken
I call this one beauty, genius, and magnificent!
This pattern – Girl with Chicken – was inspired by one of Katherina Babok's illustration (the first image by the left). Babok, a famous artist from Belarus, is well-known for her artworks in children books. Her characters are always kind and tender and Ksenia Adonyeva has created a couple of cross stitch patterns which can be found on this site.
Knocking the antique brown background of the original illustration off, we are left with a purely-refined cross stitch pattern as seen in the second image. The detail in the little girl’s hairs, dress, shoe, face remains the same. The beautiful girl’s face – with her pretty nose, eyes, mouth, and red checks – looks kind and tender indeed; if not, those innocent yellow chicks and their mother-hen wouldn’t have looked up to her for their Easter treats. I’m so in love with this!
Nonetheless, Kseniya Adonyeva used DCM color #26, stitches pattern size 100 x 136, and the same set of techniques she used for the first pattern in making the cross pattern stitch.
However, I have been dreaming of having making a cross stitch project out of one of Babok’s pictures for a long time, and this Easter season was the perfect time to make this adorable girl. Let me share with you the result of my work with this pattern- I enjoyed every stitches of this work!

Both designs are creativity at its peak. I just hope you love them because I do, as always!

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